Dinner Cater Catering Parnita's

Dinner Menu

All entrees are accompanied with choice of two salads with dressing

Spring Green Salad,
Caesar Salad,
Oriental Salad,
Greek Salad.

Choice of two starch
Rice Pilaf,
Roasted red potatoes,
Garlic Mash Potatoes,
Assorted Fresh Baked Rolls & Herb Butter
Fresh Seasonal Vegetable Sauté

Choice of one Entrée
Baked Chicken Marsala– with mushroom wine sauce
Stuffed chicken with goat cheese– with romasque sauce
Chicken ala Dungeness– topped with lemon butter sauce
Caribbean jerk chicken– topped with mango chutney
Northwest salmon baked– with sweet chilly sauce
Crusted halibut– with fruit salsa or Mornay sauce
Filet (mignon)– with mushroom sauce
Filet of pork tenderloin– with plum sauce

Include assorted desserts and coffee & tea
Above menu can be served as buffet style.

Taste of Fiji Island

Choice of one:
Slow tender cooked pork,
Leg of lamb, ½ chickens
Accompanied by cassava (steamed)
Medley of spinach & ground meat baked with coconut milk
Cucumber& mint salad and green salad
Sweet rolls
Roasted root vegetables
Served with bakalolo for dessert

Choice of one curry:
Lamb, chicken, pork, OR beef
Accompanied with basmati rice
Butter naan
Mint chutney and garden green salad
Served with rice pudding for dessert

Vegetarian Menu
Choice of two:
Spinach in coconut milk, potatoes eggplant garbanzo bean curry
Dhal, cabbage potato curry
Served with Rice, naan, raita, tomato chutney, spring mix salad
Served with rice pudding for dessert

Seafood curry
Choice or one:
Shrimp, white meat fish
all cooked in the accent of curry with touch of coconut milk
Served with coconut rice
Shredded coconut mint chutney
Island salad (dicon, radish, red onion, mandarin orange, tomatoes, with sesame seed dressing)
Freshly baked cookies for dessert