Hot Foods


Minimum of 10 persons @ stated price of item

Add Fruit Salad $5.50 Per Person

Add Water $2.00 per person, Soda $3.25 Per Person(Coke & Pepsi product)

Coffee Nut Chicken
With portobella cream sause Cheese Rolls served with Galic Mashed Patatoe or Rice
$18.95 per person

Chicken Parmesan
Topped with flavorful homemade marinara sauce, parmesan cheese, Rolls served with herb tossed penne pasta.
$18.95 per person

Sour Cream Almond Chicken
with a lite sour cream sauce, garnish, with toasted sliced almonds,Rolls served with Rice
$18.95 per person

Lemon Chicken
with lite tangy lemon sauce,Rolls served with Rice OR GalicMashed.
$18.95 per person


Marinated Roasted Chicken
Served with Roasted Red Potatoes.
$18.95 per person

Baked Potato Bar
Includes home-made chili, bacon bits, sour cream, butter, cheese, and chives.
$18.95 per person

Meat Lasagna
Served in a rich red sauce served with Galic Mashed, Garlic bread.
$18.95 per person

Northwest Salmon
Marinated Salmon, cooked to melt in your mouth, topped with herb butter,Rolls accompanied by rice OR Galic Mashed.
$32.50 per person

Taco Bar
Choice of Beef or Chicken, Served with tortilla and shells , cheese, sour cream and home-made Pico De Gallo Accompanied by mexican style rice.
$18.95 per person

Chicken Marsala
Chicken breast marinated and grilled topped with fresh mushrooms, onions, marsala wine sauteed,Rolls served with Mashed Patatoe.
$18.95 per person

Mustard Chicken
Chicken breast marinated in stone ground mustard and grilled topped with light mustard cream sauce. Served with mash potatoes or rice.
$18.95 per person

Sicilian Chicken
Chicken breast marinated in spices then Seared and topped with homemade Sicilian sauce,CheeseRolls, served with penne or bowtie pasta.
$18.95 per person

South Of The Border Chicken
Chicken breast marinated in cumin and other spices, grilled and topped with black bean and mango salsa. Served with spanish rice.
$18.95 per person

Stuffed Pork Chops
Marinated chops are stuffed with wild rice, portobello mushrooms minced, then baked to melt in your mouth! Topped with port wine and caramelized apple, CheeseRolls Served with mash potatoes OR roasted red potato.
$22.50 per person

Roasted Pork Loin
Marinated pork loin seared and baked with jalapeno plum sauce to perfection! Sliced and topped with plum sauce,Rolls, served with Rice OR Roasted Potato.
$22.50 per person

Meat Loaf
Home made meat loaf, served with mashed potatoes.
$18.95 per person

Coconut Shrimp
Peeled & divined shrimp, Cooked in a touch of curry and coconut milk, Served with steamed rice(4 shrimp per person)
$25.95 per person

Chicken or Beef Fajita
Served with flour tortillas, sour cream, cheese, home-made Pico De Gallo, refried beans and mexican style rice.
$18.95 per person

Chicken Biryani
Cooked together with white rice and boneless chicken & spices, And accompanied by cucumber, red onion salad.
$18.95 per person

Curry Chicken
Served with herb Rice and fresh diced cucmber, tomato, cilantro salad.
$18.95 per person

Lamb Curry
Served with basmati rice.
$29.95 per person

Butter Chicken
Served with Rice, with fresh cucumber mint salad.(ADD Naan with $1.75 per person)
$18.95 per person

Stir Fry
Beef or Chicken accompanied by a variety of vegetables over sticky white rice.
$18.95 per person

Smoked House Pasta Bar
Choice of one: House smoked chicken or salmon. Choice of one pasta: Penne, cheese tortellini bow tie or rolini garden blend with a creamy alfredo sauce, served with garlic bread.
$18.95 per person

French Dip
Sauteed onion, Garlic, Mushrooms, Sliced roast beef with aujus, Served with french bread.
$18.95 per person

Tandoori Chicken
Marinated chicken in tandoori sauce cooked, served with rice and sauteed vegetables.
$18.95 per person

Baked Chicken
Marinated assorted legs, wings, thighs and breast in accents of parnitas, baked to fall apart in your mouth! served with roasted red potatoes.
$18.95 per person

Make Your Own Hot Sandwich
Choice of one meat: BBQ shredded pork, Beef or Chicken on hoagie bun with cheese, served with cole slaw.
$18.95 per person

BBQ Served In Your Office
Choice of one: Hamburger, Chicken, or hebrew hotdogs. Served with all the condiments, accompanied by bake beans and salad.
$19.95 per person

Chicken Enchilada
Mixture of pulled chicken and spices wrapped in a flour tortilla then baked in enchilada sauce. Served with Mexican Style Rice and Condiments.
$18.95 per person

BBQ Ribs
Marinated Pork Ribs in accents of Parnitas sauce, slow cooked to fall off the bone! Served with baked beans and cornbread with honey butter.
$26.95 per person

Teriyaki Chicken
Marinated Chicken Breast grilled and topped with teriyaki sauce, served with rice.
$18.95 per person

Vegetable Lasagna
Served with assorted vegetables herbs, cheese, and a creamy white sauce Served Mashed Patatoe ,Garlic bread.
$18.95 per person

Stuffed Pasta Shells
Served with spinach in Ricotta cheese, smothered with marinara sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese, served with Cheese Rolls
$18.95 per person

Vegetable Stir Fry
Served with assorted vegetables, accompanied by sticky white rice.
$18.95 per person